15 comments on “Fall?

  1. I’ve noticed! And this is the first time I’ve tried to photograph fall. I did get some shots by Lake Tahoe yesterday, but the aspens in one of the meadows in Alpine Meadows were simply…dead. No water=no more aspens.

      • I’m trying to stay upbeat about the drought and global warming. Trying to take it as it comes. Also documenting it. I am trying not to get upset knowing the shots I took of Lake Tahoe yesterday, if we don’t get more rain, where there is still shallow water around the boulders, it will just be boulders. At least the lake is super deep so the animals in it will live…I hope we all get rain this year on the west coast. Because I’m not that happy about the change to be honest. Weirdly, it was even dry in Vermont this year.

  2. Our fall here in the highlands of Virginia dragged along with un-exciting color until the first deep frost hit. Then the remaining leaves on the trees popped with brilliant colors for a few days before it was all over. Maybe there is hope? If not, there are always plastic leaves….:-)

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