3 comments on “iPhone 6s Issues

  1. Wait at least a few months, I didn’t get an iPhone 6 Plus until Frebruary. I also went from an iPhone 4s to iPhone 6 Plus. It’s always a great idea to wait and being on the fence is a good thing (in my opinion). iOS 9.1 is being beta tested, so wait and see what happens with that update. I really like iOS 9 and haven’t had any problems thus far.

    • Thats interesting. Ive been having issues with iOS9. Switching between apps causes some to hang, or leave me with a black screen before they crash. Its annoying, but Im sure it will be fixed soon.

      • Well it looks like iOS 9.0.2 seem to fix that problem you posted, Apple might of noticed that problem and fixed it quickly. Maybe now you can get off the fence and get your iPhone 6s now.

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