10 comments on “Lets Talk iPhone 6s

  1. I feel you’re looking for greener grass. Yes Samsung is great but you’re still limited to apps and mobile gear. You have to remember that nothing is perfect. You’re also limited to a screen protector and choices of cases with these Edge phones. You don’t get to stick a memory card or switch batteries any longer. A lot of Samsung users were upset with those two things taken away. They decided to go back to Apple because of those reasons. Did you know that Samsung has a bigger batteries because theirs more hardware in their phones ? So that means, you need more power to run your phones.

    Everyone wasn’t expecting anything major happening with the iPhone 6S models. On the plus side you get a better cameras on both sides of the phone, Touch ID is faster and I like the 3D Touch. From what I remember, a lot of people have been waiting for the more megapixel camera to happen for a long time.

    Also I don’t know about you but I don’t have the WiFried problems like you do because I get good internet connections. It all depends where you get your internet connections. I don’t have those battery problems either because I got an iPhone 6 plus.

    I had an iPhone 4S for three years before I got an iPhone 6 plus. Now that’s a serious jump between iPhones because I felt my 4S did a great job. If you want a Samsung then get it but don’t expect miracles. I feel if you don’t like something, change it…don’t whine about it on a blog post.

    • I appreciate your input Tina. I’ve had the WiFried problems on 3 different wifi connections just in the past 2 weeks. The problem has been going on for a few months now for me.

      I’m glad that the iPhone’s megapixels have increased. I’d like to see the file sizes of images, live photos, and 4k video still. I think apple may be trying to force us to buy the 64GB by leaving the entry level at 16.

      I still have plenty of research to do on the Samsung, and I’m glad you pointed out some of the complaints those users have. Thanks.

  2. David,
    It drives me nuts that that the entry level iPhone only has 16gb of storage. This is frankly a joke with the size of some of the apps these days. It is also a pain for photographers. It hate the fact that there is no slot for a memory card either. The iPhone certainly has its downsides.

    That said I had a Galaxy as my last phone. I was attracted by the features and gave up my iPhone for a two year interlude with Samsung. It was one of the worst decisions I ever made. I hated the Galaxy with a passion. I hated everything about it. The apps frequently didn’t work properly, it was difficult to update and I found it counter intuitive. I was stuck with it for two years.

    This year at upgrade time I couldn’t wait to get back to an iPhone. Apart from the issues I mention above I love my iPhone 6.

    To be totally honest if you decide to move away from and iPhone I would look beyond Samsung. There is after all a reason that Samsung is so keen to copy Apple.

    • Thank you for the great insight. Maybe I’ll have to rethink the idea of moving away from Apple.

      Just last night I read an article that ripped apple for the 16gb memory. They see it as a greedy cash grab. First, memory isn’t that expensive, and using 16gb puts a few extra dollars in their pocket. But the real reason I think they stuck with 16 is to force people to move up to the 64. By now, most iPhone users, including me, are aware that 16 just isnt enough. I hate having to delete apps to clear space.

      Apple has always been brilliant with their pricing. They make it really easy for you to move up to the more expensive models. Once you’re looking at the 64gb, you start saying to yourself that you can double that for just another $100. It was the same thing when I was buying an iMac. I kept finding myself looking at the top option.

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