9 comments on “Thoughts on Play

  1. Sorry about your health problems. Hope they get resolved. Anyway I love the results of your play. I’ve done some myself a while back, but am now trying hard to be a “good” photographer 🙂

      • Ha! I bought your landscape book for one 🙂 Haven’t read it all yet, and can’t get a tripod due to having to be very careful how much I carry, but I’m finding it helpful. I understand that I often lack the patience to get the really good shots.
        Gradually over the past 3 years I’ve learned about it – ISO, F stop/depth of field, exposure, shutter speed – what they do, experimented with different settings. I’m lucky to have 2 sisters who were at one time professional photographers so they taught me a lot starting with blow out in my photos which at that time I was not even aware of – now I see it in others’ photos all the time. They also taught me how to use LR and PS which I love. I’m not a purist. I’ll take all the help I can get. Also I look at the works of other photographers, and at fellow travellers in the field, and at the work of my sisters – all of which have expanded my ideas of what to shoot, what angles to experiment with, lie down on the ground if necessary. I have no hesitation in saying my photography has improved enormously, and I continue to look for ways to improve it even more.

        • It sounds like you’re on the right track, and looking at your photos, you’re not a beginner :). Are you editing with Topaz Adjust? Some of your recent images looked like they were.

          The one thing that I think would help you improve the most at this point is studying composition. When I was around your skill level, I think learning more about composition made for a huge improvement in my photos. I mostly googled information, but I think I also read Learning to See Creatively by Bryan Peterson, in case you were looking for a book.

          • Thank you! It’s good to hear that. I’ve never heard of Topaz Adjust. I’m just using LR and PS. Because I had personal instructors in those editing programs (ie my sisters) I’ve never looked beyond them.
            Thanks for the tip re composition and the book. Just the title makes it sound like something I’d like to delve into.

  2. So sorry to hear you’re not feeling well David. Being Canadian stories such as yours concerning health insurance always boggles my mind. In any case love the images especially the first one. Outstanding.

    • No doubt, our system is broken. I’ve been denied this surgery by two different insurance companies in the 3 years I’ve been trying to get fixed now. My best shot of getting surgery is to try and make my muscle tears larger by working out and being active. I jokingly told one surgeon I would just stab myself over the tears so they have to be repaired, but they warned I could injure some organs. The thought of having to do that to get proper healthcare to begin with is ridiculous.

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