23 comments on “Getting Your Stolen Images Removed

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  2. Gosh, this website even sell a screen shot of a website that featuring my photography work! I guess it just gather all images that available online..Thank you so much for the tips and info, David. Truly appreciate this!

    • I tried searching people’s names, or their names + photography, or the name of their blog. I have found at least one of mine that was titled after the blogpost that it was in. So it could take a lot of effort to check all of your images.

      • I tried to leave a comment and went to the contact form and got a malicious website warning. I wonder what is up with these people and if they are legitimate. Will do some further investigation. How did you find out in the first place that they had your work? Thanks so much for sharing David!

        • I dont even remember at this point. I’m sure I saw someone else posting about their work being stolen, or maybe it was an article about the website ripping people’s work off.

          • I posted on Facebook and almost all my blogging friends found some of their work on the site! it is crazy. Hope they get shutdown soon.

  3. Thank you for posting about this, David! I did not find my photos there, but found one from yet another blogger. I will inform them.
    There is another site out there that is displaying pictures, (I suspect) without permission. They have mine, and after reading your other post I found they also have yours. I don’t want to name them publicly. I’d like to send you an email using the address in your ‘services’ section above.

    • If you visit the Wallpart site, which is poorly made btw, you can search your name, the name of your blog, the name of the images. I was able to find your photos by searching “light words carol carlisle” Oddly enough, just searching your name didn’t turn anything up.

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