105 comments on “Our Work Has Been Stolen

  1. there are more…and it’s simple if you didn’t create the image it’s not yours…yet it continues on all platforms…acknowledging the creator is not hard…thanks for sharing, albeit disappointing news.

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    The good news is that people like our work. The bad news is that people are appropriating it without our permission.

    I am reblogging this to get the word out to anyone else who is on this list who might have missed David’s post.

    The Best News: We are not alone.

  3. I’m wondering whether I should feel offended that they didn’t like my work well enough to steal it. Just kidding, of course. No way that this should go on, but the internet makes it all too easy.


  4. I can’t believe it! I don’t know if I’m more upset or flattered. Upset really. I have worked so hard on bettering my work, but have never tried to sell anything as yet, and to have someone else do it bothers the hell out of me. I’ll be in touch, David!

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    I don’t know whether to feel flattered or angry. I’m sharing this to let others know what goes on. I’ve known that this happens, but when it comes to scams, that’s another thing.

  6. I’ve had one of my articles (in Norwegian) stolen a few times, plus some scam site stole a full blog post with photos and text. The scam site also used Disney’s brand, so I just contacted Disney company about it since they already have lawyers to deal with such things.

  7. This is so frustrating. This is the second time this week I’ve found one of my images being used without my permission. I found the site through the petition link you posted up above. They’re stealing a low resolution image which is why they’re selling a poster in a 4 x 6 inch format. I can tell these folks are really bright!

  8. This is so disrespectful to those who put the efforts into their work. I feel awful for you guys. I hope the site is taken down for everyones benefit. Scammers will do anything!

  9. Yes, the watermarking doesn’t work. There is a good lawyer who is a photographer who specializes in this. I’ll see if I can find his numbers…

  10. Thank you David for taking the time not only to write this post, but to search out others about this-Artsy Shark also published a post the other day about the new copyright law and the increasing problem of artists and photographers having their work stolen. Please contact me at littledogslaughed@gmail.com when it is convenient-and thank you again David for your diligence-it is much appreciated!

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    An excellent post from David Pasillas about the ongoing problem of image theft-I remember reading a blog post many months ago from a professional photographer who basically stated that it is a losing battle to protect one’s images-one would have to monitor most everyday searching for their work online, in addition to having work copyrighted-clearly copyrights, watermarks and so forth are not the silver bullet many believe them to be-

  12. That is terrible. Sadly this happens more than it should. How did you find out? I’ve never searched for my images but have seen my content in weird places but always with reference to my blog.

    • I forget where I first saw a post about this scam site, but I went and searched my name on it and found some of my stuff. You can google Wallpart if you want to look for yourself. Just be sure to delete your cookies after visiting the site. Don’t share any links to the site because they just send people to spam, instead of the actual site.

  13. i’m not on the list but i share the same sentiment. it has happened before to my friends, too. this stealing has got to be stopped, am reblogging to increase awareness on this matter.

  14. So frustrating… I found my work on the site too and you’re right, it looks like a scam site more than anything. I signed the petition and hope something will come from our actions. Lisa

  15. David, I got to your post via Laura Macky’s reblog. Thank you for sharing this information. I searched the site and found a number of my photos on there as well. I have signed the petition and will be reblogging your post to spread the word. Thank you for sharing the information and for your efforts in dealing with this situation. I’m

  16. David, I got to your post via Laura Macky’s reblog. I searched the site and found a number of my photos on there as well. I have signed the petition and will be reblogging your post to help spread the word. Thanks so much for sharing the information and for your efforts in dealing with this situation. This is very upsetting.

  17. Looks like they are running a search to find images when we enter a name. It popped up with an image I posted today, hardly something they would have in a catalogue somewhere. So basically, any image that will come up in an google image search will also come up on this website – in fact it is probably powered by the google search engines.

  18. I’m a moron or a bit dull, If I see one a SF Bay pics that look like your kind of pictures and it’s doesn’t have your name on it, then it’s stolen.

  19. Bummer 😦 They have stolen some of my images also. The address is clearly a fake so I expect no response from any contact emails. Petition signed.

  20. I got a link to your post from Laura Macky. I wonder, how you were able to find those images? Did you stumbled over them while they had their watermark? How were you able to map images to those photographers?

  21. I have no problem with anyone downloading anything I post for their personal use, but using it on a phishing site is, and always will be, criminal behavior. So where is Anonymous when you need them?

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    Follow the advice given on this site. David did a great job, finding this image thief, who sells posters without permission of the photographers. Investigate as he described by using the private or incognito mode of you internet browser to find out, if you’re a victim, too. Good luck!
    I assumed, I’d be save, because I’m posting only small images. But, I was wrong 😦

  23. I am so sorry to hear this and thank you so much for the information. It looks like it is targeting wordpress photo bloggers. My blog also presented lots of images, may I know the website?

      • Thank you for checking my name. I will check your new post. Somehow I am not surprised anymore – too many people have no respects toward photography that actually we put so much effort to have good quality images.. 😦

  24. You can add me to the list as well. I Google myself weekly to check Images and see what sites they are on. I’ve caught four sites that have stolen my images, cropped out my watermark and are offering them as free downloads. However, this morning I found a person who blatantly stole not only my photos, but my text as well. He plagiarized my text, altering it here and there to describe not Death Valley, California, but some desert in Africa. I reported him to WordPress immediately. I will NOT TOLERATE THEFT OF MY IMAGES OR TEXT. EVER.

      • Disturbing beyond belief. Stealing not only my images but my writing. Who does that? I have learned that it’s a really good practice to Google yourself regularly, and check your images. Don’t assume Google is picking them up just from your site. It picks them up from others as well.

  25. Hi David, I really appreciate all the work you’ve put into this. It just disgusts me that someone is using the work of others to either profit/scam someone. I’m going over to the petition now to help do my part.

    • After a lot of investigation, and consulting with my brother who works for google, I believe this site is mostly harmless. It’s such a low quality site that its not likely anyone would ever try to buy anything from them anyways.

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