8 comments on “Choosing Gratitude AND The New Copyright Law

  1. Thanks, David. I’ve come to the very same conclusion. In making our photographs, and in sharing them lies our gift back to the Universe. OUR gift. And in working with a photograph I’ve brought into creation, lies my source of strength and comfort while going through a very difficult time right now. We can’t let what others do throw us off our course.

  2. Hi David I just follow you, I love your photography! I came across your Blog through Laura Macky Blog. I am an artist designer and I love photography I am an amateur if I can call myself like that 😉 I love taking photos of all the jewelry I design and anything else that inspire me, most of my photos are taken with an iPad 😉 since I am waiting for the day that I will get a new camera. I was very upset when I was reading your other post about the stolen photos I have on my Blog my Art my Jewelry, my watercolor painting, Digital Art, Photos, Graphics I am sure you can imagine my concerne on this issue and Copyright© I know there not much that can be done to protect our work. Today technology doesn’t help us on this but I am happy about your conclusion on this last post and I will add that no one ever can take your talent away anything you create cames from your own soul…let’s be positive!

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  4. Thanks, David. We share a common mind-set about this company and their inappropriate use of our photos. I will checkout your links to the proposed copyright law. Thanks for making them so easily available. Ω

  5. I very much relate to what you’ve written above. I’m sure I would ultimately choose the same attitude. I found you through AngalineM. I think your photography is beautiful. Thnak you for the beauty you share.

  6. Thanks David-a long time ago, I realized that if someone wanted to steal my stuff, they would do it and there really was not a lot I could do about it, I do not have the time or the energy to have to constantly monitor my work-it is part of the price that artists and photographers *pay* in putting their stuff out there unfortunately—and with the proposed copyright law, it makes it even clearer how little value and regard an artist’s work is held when it comes to the larger entitites-but I know it will not stop me from doing what I love, just as I suspect it will not stop others either-thanks for such a thoughtful post-

  7. Pretty much exactly how I feel about all the pictures I post. If anyone wants to download them, they may do so with my blessing, and even my encouragement. If I take a photo that I plan to try and sell, then it won’t be posted on social media, because then I can’t sell the First North American Rights (if my understanding of how these contractual things work is correct). So any picture I post, I’ve already decided I’m not going to try and sell. So if you would like to download it and make a print of it, knock yourself out, and thanks for liking my work. To be absolutely truthful, I would be somewhat upset if you tried to sell it under the premise that it was YOUR work.

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