7 comments on “Projects! Projects Everywhere!

  1. Web design is really frustrating. I’m a software developer and working on websites is one thing I hate the most. I’m always happier when I have back-end development. But I will say that in some cases creating a website from scratch is easier than working with a pre-built website package.

    • You’d think a pre-built theme would be pretty easy to put together, but the littlest thing can ruin the entire site. I find that swearing at my computer makes me feel better, and sometimes fixes the problem haha.

  2. great shot…and I love the grunge look. I just discovered this site recently so I am sad that you won’t be posting much but looking forward to your future site. Hmmm a workshop in New England…..

    • I’m still deciding if I want to post some stuff here, and leave the other site to reviews, tutorials, and articles. We’ll see.

      Yeah the workshops will be for DSLR’s (unless theres a demand for iPhone stuff too.) We’re still working out permits, and such, for locations. It looks like CT will happen, and maybe NH or PA too.

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