21 comments on “Dare To Be Different (Nikon)

  1. I think this is gorgeous. The colors… Made it my desktop background. There’s something more than the obvious here. It draws you in. Enlarged, it evokes images of brain neurons under microscope. I would title this photo “Lost In Thought.”

  2. Sometimes you’ve gotta say, “What the F—”. This is a great photo and the colors work well with the composition. Risk/Reward. This time it worked. I am looking forward to seeing your projects this year.

  3. I really like it as well 🙂 And it’s like you’re waiting for something to happen when you look at the photo.
    There are so many projects that I haven’t even started because “it’s too different of what I’m used to do”, I guess I should take the risk more often…
    All the best for your 2015 projects!

    • I think its good to try new things. Otherwise, you can get stuck creatively. I have a client right now that would like me to do some boudoir/artistic nudes for her. I’ve never done either of those before, so its going to be a new challenge. One that I most likely won’t be sharing online, since I don’t want to become known for nudes haha.

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