8 comments on “Let’s Talk iPhone6 and 6Plus

  1. Thanks so much for your thoughts. I have a 4s, and love it. I also shudder at the larger phone. As you are, I’m interested in the camera. From your examples it is an improvement over the 5. Your example is the 6+. Would like to see the comparison with the 6.

    • I was a little disappointed that only the 6 plus has optical image stabilization. I think that was Apple’s way of trying to get photographers to spend more on the 6 plus over the 6. Apple is really good at getting you to move up to the most expensive tier. My guess is they will roll out this feature in all of the models moving forward.

      I would expect the 6 plus to be a little less noisy in low light situations, with the image stabilization. I would also expect slightly sharper images. I’ll see if I can hunt down some good comparison photos and add them to this post.

      Since you don’t want a big iPhone, you might consider getting a 5s at a good price now.

  2. You make some good points in this post, David. I am with you on not wanting to carry around a bigger screen/phone and am also disappointed that a bigger camera was missing. I think that my i5 will carry me until the camera upgrade happens—by then I am certain that I will be entertaining the idea of more storage (64G or 128G?).

    Looks like Apple is as tempting today as it was to Eve back in the day.

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