20 comments on “Some Things You Don’t Share

  1. How true this is. Sometimes my hubby gets lonely when I bring my camera. And honestly I miss the whole point of being somewhere because I’m trying to take a photo of it. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  2. Love your post on such a great topic! I tend to have camera free time (shoot only a few, less than 5) when I’m out sometimes or camera free day even :0

    • Thanks Lisa. It sounds like you’ve got some healthy boundaries in place. For years, I’ve been in the habit of taking photos whenever the light looks good. It’s nice to be able to sit back and enjoy it, without the pressure of having to shoot it, edit it, and share it.

      I think the beauty of the places we visit are what drew us there in the first place, but somewhere along the line, it turned into going for the sake of getting an image and sharing it. Its very interesting (at least to me) to sit back and think about what it is we’re actually doing.

  3. Yup. I posted something similar to facebook a few months ago about observing a fantastic sunset, and I told people “don’t expect any photos of it, because I just wanted to enjoy it and not take photos.”

  4. A very thoughtful post David and a good reminder for me to stop–if only for a moment–and take in the view I am trying to capture-I know sometimes for me, I get intent on taking the shot, that I do not pay attention to what is going on around me-

    • Thanks Meg. Sometimes, I think photography is supposed to be another way of practicing mindful meditation. But its hard to do when there are so many fleeting moments to capture!

  5. Thank you for this thoughtful reminder. I will put it into my camera bag for my next outing.

    I enjoy museums, and I often see the same thing there. Some people spend more time reading the little placards than looking at the art.

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