2 comments on “Fort Point in SF

  1. Hi David,

    Sunday was a wonderful day for face-to-face sharing & comparing. I came away from the day with a number of great iPhoneography tips, advice on various apps and, oh yeah, some nice photographs. I noticed that even though we were taking photographs on our own, we ended up with many of the same photos. Great minds & gutters perhaps?

    I like your photo at the top of this post. You captured the even lighting of that foggy, overcast day.


  2. Greetings David, I certainly was delighted that you were able to make this little gathering and that you finally had a chance to meet Allan, with whom you had been exchanging correspondence via your website. Is it not wonderful when you learn who else has been reading your posts.

    While it was cold, windy, which it usually is at Fort Point, I wish there had been a few scattered clouds a a couple patches of blue, instead of an all white sky. But then on the other hand, that fog acted as a great softbox to even out the light for our photography.

    I will have to check out the point from where you took the picture as you managed to capture so much of the place.


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