11 comments on “Painted by the Golden Gate Bridge

      • David,

        Back in the late ’80s I attended a seminar taught by Dean Collins—he was a guy who taught photography tips to National Geography cameramen. He trained for 7 years with a photographer in Germany and he told a story about going with his mentor to an Opening Night gala for another famous photographer.

        His mentor was very interested in one particular photo and after complimenting the man on the work, he asked him what technique he used to produce the image. The photographer launched into a very long-winded explanation that did more to obscure any information than it did to answer the question. It was obvious that he had a ‘secret’ and was not going to share it.

        When the photographer was finished talking the mentor calmly said, “Young man, I can think of seven different ways to take that photograph. I was merely interested in which one you used.”

        You are right, there are no secrets—there are techniques and combinations. Thanks, again, for being open and walking us through your journey to the final image.


        • What a great anecdote. Thanks for sharing Allan.

          I’ve talked with other photographers about being open too. I think even if we tell people our “secrets,” its unlikely they’ll be able to replicate what we do, because they don’t have the same level of experience, skills, or vision. So, I don’t think its all that necessary to guard every secret.

  1. Greetings dear David,

    Marin Headlands is a wonderful place to explore and I like that you took another route to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge. Thank you for taking us through your process.
    I like BrushStroke myself, and like you I first prepare the image before introducing it to BrushStroke. You may also wish to look into another program that lets your finger be the brush, which is adjustable and more. Also the program was recently revamped but I have not tried the new version yet. I just know that for me PhotoViva is still the best, because you have complete control as to the outcome. I feel BrushStroke, like Waterlogue needs to have a slider control so you are able to control the percentage of photograph is affected by the paintings. Sometimes I just like a little painterly texture, while the image retains its photographic look.

    Take care and wishing you a great weekend,

    • Thank you, Egmont. I’ve had PhotoViva on my iPhone for quite a while now, but I always end up using other painterly apps that instantly apply their affects. Not to say PhotoViva isn’t any good. I think I’m always after that instant gratification, instead of letting myself get lost in the process. I bet if I had a stylus to use with PhotoViva, I would be tempted to play with it more often.

  2. Love it! It’s funny because when I first saw your post I thought “it turned out so nice, he should print it and put it on his home” 😉 Then I read your post and saw you’re actually thinking of it!

    • Great minds think alike haha. I’m terrible about printing anything. The only photo I have printed in my room, besides some Ansel Adams, is one I took with my iPhone.

      • Hehe! I’m the same… I printed some pictures of Venice to put on my kitchen and that’s it! All the other walls of my place are empty and I have so many photos on my computer. Oh well, maybe some day :p

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