4 comments on “Free App: CleverPaint

  1. Hi David I tried the app but after I saved nothing appears in camera roll and all the work has gone. I tried several times but nothing. I imported the photo tried the «auto-painter» and after press save and nothing! Any sugestion? Thanks for your help Maria Sacadura

    • That’s odd. You could try restarting your iPhone. If that doesn’t fix it, you can uninstall and install the app again. I found a support page, but its in Chinese and makes no sense to me.

  2. Yes! Clever paint delightful app. I do the hold down on button with importing a photo, but the saved photo is rather small. I work on ipad as well as Samsung galaxy and also now a days send photos from bigger cameras to the ipad to enjoy all the technolgy provided by these wonderful gadgets. Any way to have CleverPaint spit out a larger file eg at least over megabyte would be good.
    Only just discovered your blog and am impressed.

    • Thank you, Ouma. I would suggest getting in touch with the developers and sharing your ideas for improving CleverPaint. Sometimes, they just don’t realize what we want from an app and are happy to make it better.

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