27 comments on “Thoughts on Social Networking

  1. Incredible photo! And an honest, personal comment on something I have been thinking about a lot. Thanks!

    P.S. I love collaboration. I’m collaborating on a novel right now and it’s the most I’ve ever enjoyed writing. My co-author and I met on social media.

  2. I must leave another comment to respond to your observations and concerns. I absolutely agree. This obsession with the numbers becomes less and less a force in my journey into cyberspace. Truly, it’s about building a community, which is why I’ve spend more and more of my efforts on the Phoneography Challenge that I manage. It’s fulfilling on so many levels. The exchanges are expanding, and that is more and more what drives me. Your comments fit right into my own evolution on this journey through the known and unknown. Great post.

    • I think the obsession of the numbers is useful at first. It gives you some drive and motivation to work more and improve, but at a certain point, it becomes clear that its not that important.

      Community is very important to me. Its one of the main reasons I want to move out of the bay area for Southern Oregon. The sense of community there is infinitely better than where I’m at now.

      I think its about time I take part in more challenges. It would be good for me to try to shoot different things and be a part of something. Thanks, Sally.

    • I have to admit that sometimes I just don’t have time to engage in everyone’s work that I follow. That seems to be a full time job these days.

      Sadly, I usually forget to check your blog out, but I do enjoy and respect your work, Edith. I also appreciate all of the comments you’ve left here.

  3. Amen, Brother! It’s why I follow so few. Everyone tells me I have to “spread the love” but to me, liking something I don’t really like is NOT spreading love at all. Love the first pic, BTW.

    • Thanks, Suzanne. That “spread the love” attitude works for some people, but I don’t have time for it. We can all tell when a photo is good or not. It can be frustrating, sometimes, when I see bad photos receiving tons of recognition from the “spread the love” crowd. There’s nothing I can do about that, and I’m not going to join them since I can’t beat them.

      Thats why I stopped posting to Tadaa. I still have 1200 followers there, but my photos struggled to get any likes unless I would like their photo first. It was all a silly game where everyone pretended to be friends because they liked their photos.

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  5. A very thoughtful post David–I know when I first started, I used the likes and follows to work harder on my blog-but then I started to feel like I was losing track of what I wanted to do–which was to post a photo a day for me-so now I work more at building and maintaining conversations with other photographers whose work I admire–thank you for articulating so well what many of us feel out there-

    • I agree. It’s so easy to lose track of what you’re doing. That’s sort of where I’ve been at recently. I haven’t done much Nikon work lately cuz I still need to refocus on what I really want to do with it. There’s also still a small gap between what I’m creating and what I want to create. Such is the life of an artist haha.

  6. My first photo editing experience was when I downloaded IG a couple years ago. Ever since then I’ve fallen in love with editing/shooting photos on my iphone/iPad. At first I was consumed with wanting more likes and followers until I realized it was all pretty much BS. I’m no longer worried about likes/followers as my IG experience is now aimed more towards looking for inspiration and trying to learn new photo editing and shooting tecniques for my idevices. Although there is a lot of crap on IG now I still find it helpful and useful when I can find users that are willing to share and give feedback. This leads me to my question; why are so many people so secretive or private and sometimes mean when you ask them about how they get a certain effect or what apps they use etc. I understand they want to be unique and original but I’m not looking to mimic their style, I’m still searching for my own style and learning this massive culture of iphoneography. It’s always nice when I do stumble upon helpful and nice people on IG.

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