12 comments on “Your Favorite Communities

  1. I use Twitter, and Flickr that has a couple of groups I joined to showcase my phoneography with. I am on again/off again with Instagram, and do not use hashtags there unless I’m going to share on Twitter, otherwise there is no need for the # I don’t think.

  2. Honestly I think Instagram is the place to be! There is a lot of bullshit on there yes, but there is a lot of bullshit everywhere. Its all about finding and curating the best content for you! Only following the people that use Instagram in the way I wish it to be used has made my experience way better. Hashtags are kept to a bare minimum if that then none at all!

    Second place would be Tumblr. I have my iphone images on Tumblr and the same goes for Tumblr with what I said about Instagram. Its all about who you follow and keeping up to date with your own feed that makes the experiences better.

    • Man I feel old. I’m not on Tumblr either haha. I do like your tumblr site, its clean and focuses on the photography.

      I hear what you’re saying about following the right people will make the experience better. My FB experience got better when I added a ton of talented photographers.

      Maybe I’ll have to consider trying IG again. The third time may be the charm.

  3. I publish my photos on my blog, on my website, on Pinterest, on Google+, on Twitter, and on LinkedIn. LinkedIn generates the most feedback. Pinterest can be very powerful.

    • Thats interesting about LinkedIn. I’ve always ignored requests to join that site. I thought it was a stuffy professional site.

      I totally forgot I could pin my photos to pinterest too. Thanks, Rhys.

  4. Hey David, just saw that you joined AMPt, great to see you there it’s a smaller community but very personal and friendly with great resources.

    I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram, I had a feed for a year and deleted it in November but set another one up to follow friends and post from time to time. It’s very busy and without wifi most of the time it’s frustrating to try to keep up, same with EyeEm.

    I recently joined iPhoneArt which I really liked but it’s shutting down in a few weeks unfortunately.

    I’d say my areas of choice are Flickr, AMPt and my website but I keep up with Instagram as much as possible. It really depends on what you’re into, if you’re looking for feedback and exposure, Instagram has no equal but like Anthony said above you can filter by keeping your followings and circles more personal.

    Great question, have a good weekend!

    • Thanks for the reply Brandon. I noticed AMPt is pretty slow. I’m still not sure about it. Flickr has been a decent place for mobile photography, but I got a really weird message from a guy I followed a couple of days ago. Basically, he told me that he doesn’t want people to follow him unless he favorites at least one of their photos. He thought I was just trying to get a follow back and favorites or comments on my images (definitely not the case.) I unfollowed the old curmudgeon.

      I’m finding that having actual conversations with people is more rewarding than any amount of likes, or favorites, or comments. Tadaa was great for interaction, but it seemed extremely superficial. Anyways, I think I need to blog about how I think we can get the most out of social networking.

  5. I gave up Instagram in favor of EyeEm but missed the engagement so I’m back on Instagram as well as on Flickr and Twitter. As far as feedback and interaction I would say Instagram is the best. You don’t have to add a single hashtag if you don’t want to!

    • You know, I thought of Flickr as an inferior photo sharing service, but lately, I’ve been enjoying it a little more. It’s pretty easy to find the kind of photography/photographers you’re looking for.

      I might have to give IG another try. I’ve downloaded it for the 3rd or 4th time now and have been eyeballing it. I think I need to get over my dislike of the app and give it one more try. Thanks, Geri 🙂

      • I think we all have our differences as to which community fits best for us. I use Flickr, Twitter, IG and Oggl, but the site I use the most is MobiTog for sharing images and learning about MobilePhotography the new apps and old and to engage with the various developers on the site.

        • MobiTog is the one I couldn’t remember. I know you told me to join before but it slipped my mind. I’m on the road today, but hopefully I can join and get involved soon. Thanks!

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