18 comments on “Keyhole Arch

  1. Well David, it is an awesome shot even if you had to navigate around other photographers. I hear what you are saying about challenging oneself to see things from different angles. I know that many times when I’ve set up a still life with a particular POV in mind, I’ve often found the other angles I took after the one I envisioned ended up being my favorite. That’s why I find it is important to “get physical” with my photography. In other words, move around; crouch down, lean over, look up, look down. It’s better than a workout at the gym!

  2. David nice use of VividHDR I actually love the app I would like to invite you to check out MobiTog the Dev is actually a regular to our community if you would like to take a look we have a section on VividHDR.

  3. Wonderful photo, David! I wanted to thank you for the letter. I just read it, and it was filled with great information. Thank you so much. Sorry I did not get back to you sooner, but I was away for the holiday. I hope you and your family are doing well.

    Thanks again for all the valuable information you give here.

    • You’re welcome. I think we all took some time away from the electronics for the holidays. My family thought I was dead yesterday while I was in Big Sur because I didn’t have any cell phone reception, which is one of the draws of Big Sur. My mom actually called the highway patrol because I didn’t answer anyone for a few hours haha.

  4. Nice capture! Like seeing the sunlight on some of the rocks, in fact, having them as more of the foreground would be nice (If the angle was possible?).

    => One of the best exercises I ever did was take 500 photos of the same subject ( a flower.)

    I’ve recommended this exercise. Minimum 10 shots of one subject.

    => VividHDR

    I’ve used Pro HDR & like the results.

    • Also, it was possible to get more rocks in the foreground, but I think it would have taken away from the pool of water. This seemed like a good compromise. It definitely wouldn’t have hurt to try getting both shots.

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