3 comments on “Somewhat Stuck & An Opportunity for you

  1. God bless your caregiving efforts. I’ve been there myself & understand the emotional strain you are carrying. But you are right, it also provides an opportunity for reflection on where we are on our own path and where we want to go. This blog of yours has been an inspiration for me and I’ve learned a lot about apps and how to get the most from my iPhone camera (did you know you can also make phone calls on it?!) I will send you an email to share a few of my images. In the meantime, may the Spiritual light of the season guide you through the new year my friend.

  2. I can understand all too well about the still-ness and when we begin to examine the word itself, it is not only about ones movement but the silence that surrounds us. While inward reflection about ones art is good, it can also have a negative consequences, only to throw us into the throngs of depression.

    One thing I miss are the days when I attended the universities and us artists would meet on a regular bases to share coffee/tea and discuss art. For it is this kind of connection that permits the artist to grow as an artist, for feedback to ideas is crucial.

    These days we are so focused on our mobile phones or laptops, that actual human interaction is almost rare. This is something that has to change.

    • I agree. The more connected we get with technology, the less connected we’re becoming in person. It’s pretty strange.

      I’ve been feeling the urge to collaborate with other creatives too. I think we would all be better off if we worked together.

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