5 comments on “Found One :)

  1. I agree with you. I don’t like the new screen (I have the 5with the new ios7 also with 32 GB).I’m only left with 5.6 GB! Any sugestion? Many apps and more ou less 1000 photos!!!

    • I filled mine up too. After having 8GB for years, I didn’t think it would be this easy. I’m spending my morning deleting music and going through photo apps that I probably won’t use much.

      What suggestions were you looking for exactly? Apps?

      • No, because I already have too much apps. I need a sugestion how to do with those I’m not using a lot. Delete? Is there any place where we can keep in reserve those apps? I read somewhere that exist an acessory to give more GB. Have you read something ? Thanks David

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