2 comments on “iNeed an iMac

  1. I do not know how it happened, but you fell off my reader completely. It still says that I am following you, though. I am sorry to have missed so much. These photos are incredible. I have gone through each to see where I left off. It was when your grandma was coming home. How is she? I hope she is doing well. I feel awful to have missed so much of your incredible work.

    I am going to add you under my other blog as well. It is my poetry blog. Hopefully, between the two, I won’t miss you anymore. The address is http://thesanctuaryofmyheart.com/ just so you know.

    I hope you are well. Hugs, Skye

    • Thanks Skye. I think I’ve had that happen with some blogs I follow as well. I never figured out why.

      Grandma is doing very well. She has regained a lot of strength and can walk without a walker or cane in the house quite a bit now. We do encourage using some kind of assistance though, just to be safe. My biggest problem with her these days is keeping her out of the ice cream or ice cream sandwiches. She’s addicted and will eat it all up in a day. Yesterday, she snuck 3 ice cream sandwiches and a scoop of ice cream when I wasn’t looking. I had to hide everything haha. It’s not the worst problem in the world to have though.

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