9 comments on “Cloudporn

  1. I see someone reaching forwards. They have elfin ears and a beard that curls round. A bit like the devil is portrayed in some instances. It seems to be looking at another splodge of cloud.

    Awesome photos

  2. Hi David,
    The second one is amazing as other people said, Wild America! 🙂
    BTW, I’ve been busy for a while, I’ve been working 36H a day for a week (I’m not kidding!) and finally I got sick and my forehead and eyelid badly swollen. it’s getting better now since yesterday and that’s why I couldn’t take you and shannon’s mini challenge. I’d like to take your challenge on next time!

    • Wow that sounds pretty bad. I hope you find some time to rest. I think the challenge might have been bad timing for quite a few people this time. We’ll see if we can do something again in the future though.

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