7 comments on “Summer at the Beach

    • Its a photo editor. I don’t use it too often, but its definitely good. Theres a free version in the app store if you want to play with it. It doesn’t have all of the features, but will give you an idea of what it can do.

      The red glow was already there in the original. It was greatly enhanced by how I edited the image this time.

  1. David — While you routinely blow me away with your geek-dom on the nuts-and-bolts of photography, I like it. I trust it because I see your Gift in your subjects, the composition and the care with which you tend to your craft. Keep on keeping on. I’m a fan. Dan

    • Thank you, Dan. I really appreciate the words of encouragement. Being a perfectionist, I’m really hard on myself and sometimes forget that I’m any good haha. Thanks again.

      • Been there. Done that. Me too. But hey, we keep each other grounded (I guess). No puffery. Your work is good. The craftsmanship speaks so you don’t need to.

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