10 comments on “App Review: Hueless

  1. I have been doing more and more monochrome and B&W. I will have to check this app out. Thanks for there review.

  2. Nice hands-on review, I suppose it’s one of the best camera app at this moment for light & shadow lover šŸ™‚ and Big Thank you for featured my shots, It is a real honor for me! I appreciate it.

  3. Looks like a good one, Dave.

    A question for you –
    Which blending app perfectly aligns two
    layers by content?

  4. Have you tried MPro yet, that kind of blows this app out of the water. I have another way of making black and whites. I don’t think one app can do it all. You really need to use other apps to make a beautiful black and white. Even printing in the darkroom took a lot of different types of printing technique to get a really nice black and white print.

    • I agree that these still need to be edited to be polished. I can’t think of any app that can turn out amazing photos on its own.

      I did just hear about MPro the other day from Keisuke. I’d be interested in checking that one out when I have some time.

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