19 comments on “My Stranded Story

  1. Crazy story! I’m not sure how much you’ve read of my blog but I’m an avid hiker but am always with someone. I’ve heard lots of crazy stories about hikers getting lost and never found so you are lucky you were able to find your friend! I hope you are enjoying Oregon! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh I‘m glad you’re ok. I would have been crapping my pants (to put it nicely). On the plus side, at least you would have got some great photos, but definitely make sure your phone is fully charged next time!

    • I think I have some nice shots from the Nikon. I just don’t get to hook up my mac too often in this little apartment that 4 people are sharing. Hopefully I can edit those soon and share them.

  3. lol. I carry a full first aid kit, water purifying drops, emergency blanky, serious knife, headlamp at all times.

  4. David – Three words…Out-Stand-Ing! Compelling pics (which is as I’ve come to understand, sort of your point), but the story behind it? That’s why I blog. As you went on, I kept reading faster and faster…so cool to be inside your brain as I look at the pics through my eyes and your lens. Wow! Dan

  5. Dave, your story was a nail biter!
    Glad you’re safe and sound. Yep, survival gear a good idea.

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