6 comments on “Worth Saving?

    • Thank you Edith. I’m my toughest critic and I think all the critiquing I do for others has helped me be even more aware of when something doesn’t really work.

  1. What is “bokeh”? Is that a typo or just something I’ve never heard of?
    I’d scrap this one. You’re accomplished enough that you don’t need to try to save mediocre or bad images. Not everything we try works out. It’s a fact of life. My colleague teaches that much of what we do is like batting: if you get a hit 1 out of 3 times, you’re doing well.

  2. I know your pain of trying to make a shot work against all odds. And frustration of being unable to get a good shot at a place that should be photogenic, or has a nice feel otherwise. A good lesson-for-all post.

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