9 comments on “Foreign Territory

  1. Ha!! I never would have guessed that either. This is cool, David. I’m loving this one, especially now that I know what it is.

    P.S. I’m sure you already know this happens and we have no control over it, and just in case you weren’t aware that it’s happening right now, WordPress is running ads on your blog. I was reading through your posts on my iPhone a little while ago and they have the most obnoxious floating ad that covers up a few lines of your text. I only bring it up so you can maybe format around it – It seems to float in the text below your photographs, and not on the photo or the text above it. Even then, I’m not sure if or when they’ll change the ad. Sorry dear. Before I moved mine, they were running ads on it every few days…

    It drives me crazy that they can put ads on our blogs, but we can’t.

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