10 comments on “Spoiled Sunrise

  1. drive north and hit up the waterfalls along the way. hwy 1. San Simeon , Cambria, ragged point… rocked my world. screw LA…..

    • Haha screw LA. That reminds me of an old shirt I use to have. It said I (middle finger) LA. That got a lot of funny looks. Like wearing USC gear in UCLA territory.

      I like your idea though. Its much more beautiful and there are a million fewer people. Did you hit up Mcway Falls?

      • didn’t make it that far. I just scouted up the coast and stopped at salmon creek falls(18 miles north of hearst) and then headed back. there are a couple of other falls to hit up along the way. I just have to pick another day to go

  2. Regardless if the app works or not, the picture is amazing. Great job leading the eye down the path. My eyes had to take a breather beside the beautiful tree it had to pass on the way lol! Kidding aside I like the second rays of light best. The first one IMO is to low and third one wasn’t quit as dramatic as the first. I’m dramatic so I like the 2nd rays picture the best 😛

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