19 comments on “A Creative Rut

  1. I understand about your creative “rut.” I’m sort of feeling that now. Part if it is that working full time I don’t have the time to go out and explore new places and things. That’s what really inspires me – traveling to some place I haven’t been before. I can only do so much in my own back yard. I hope you find something new to inspire you because you have such a talent. I guess it’s like a writer having writer’s blog. You may just need a new muse.

  2. I feel the same way sometimes. FB, Twitter, there is just an overload of incoming information that makes me get away from making creative pictures.
    Good luck,


    • Just the other day, I was talking to my friend about being overly connected. He was lucky enough to escape to Yosemite for a weekend and lose contact with the real world. I’m thinking I need something like that soon.

  3. Totally feel ya there. New places, read books or magazines and look up other creative works you admire. Take a single object and try to work it into so many creative shots as much as you can. Or honestly just take a break from it all and then it will hit you. Sometimes. πŸ™‚

    • You know what, I actually just bought an ebook a couple of days ago and am really enjoying it on my phone (of course.) I haven’t read any fiction in a long time. Its certainly tapping into a different creative area in my brain. Thanks for the ideas, Mariam. πŸ™‚

  4. I’m finding inspiration from others’ posts (including yours, but no pressure!) and the change of seasons really helps, especially in a seasonable beach community. I know what you mean about getting sick of the same locale. But maybe those tourists getting in your shot were actually providing you new subject matter? πŸ™‚ Do whatever you need to do, don’t worry about us. We’ll be here when you’re ready…and by then we’ll really need whatever you have to offer. And ha! I’m surprised WP hasn’t suggested the mental health tag for me yet!

    • Haha. Tourists could make for interesting subject matter. I live in a touristy place, but I tend to avoid them. Mostly, because people from the central valley of California are quite rude when they come to our beaches.

      I think talking about my rut is helping me work through it. I feel closer to being able to shoot stuff again.

  5. David, I know what you mean. I was feeling the social media burn out as well. When I first started this blog I usually included a write up and / or background of my images. I finding I don’t have as much time to write because I’m busy keeping up with all my social media outlets.
    I’ve started making some changes. I’ve scheduled certain times during the day dedicated to social media and I’m trying to stick to that. I’m also planning more shoots because after the photography is what led me to start the blog and engage in social media. I do get creative ruts ( a lot) but then I see something that sparks my creativity and I’m off and running. Sometimes you just have to take a break in order to reenergize yourself.

    • I’ve had ruts before and been inspired by an amazing image, but this time its taking longer. I like the idea of scheduling time to dedicate to social media. I think I like the idea of quitting some of them even more haha. Its too much work trying to have a presence on 6 different sites. The worst part is its impossible to follow and respond to everyone that takes time out of their day to acknowledge what I’m doing.

  6. I agree with Mariam, and do many of those things to ignite my creativity. It works most of the time. So does a change of scenery, I relate, as you know, to the Facebook thing and have eliminated my existence there for the most part and have had more time for other things as a result. It’s nice. It sounds like you just need a break. As much as I’d miss your photos in my inbox, I’d prefer you’d take the break before complete burnout sets in (like what happened to me) and ruins this journey your on. Take a break, then head to Oregon, or anywhere that’s new to you. Have you ever been to Utah? I’d love to turn you and your Nikon loose in the national parks in southern Utah…..then you WOULD have to publish a coffee table book for me πŸ™‚

    Take a break, David. We’ll wait. πŸ™‚

    • Facebook is the worst! I read another horrible article about them the other day that is making me seriously consider leaving it all behind. So far I’ve only logged in once this week and it feels like I was released from jail or something. I feel more free. I don’t know how or when our lives started revolving around the stupid site.

      I haven’t been to Utah. A friend of mine lived there for a few years and took some nice pictures of the parks, but he really hated Utah. He doesn’t speak too highly of the people. I wouldn’t mind checking it out, but I think there are other places higher on the list right now.

      I’m still waiting to see you post your pictures Sarah!

  7. I try and go somewhere new, even if it’s just walking down a new street around the corner from my house, I also like to go somewhere familiar but look for new perspectives, approach from a different angle or get down in the dirt or climb something just to see what it looks like from there.

  8. David — Valuing the honesty of your question, you’ve already seen how your work is appreciated by a broad swath of “Creative Malcontents” (of which I consider myself a member).
    I second edithlevyphotography’s thought of scheduling time. Odd how creativity comes easier for me when all the grown-up stuff is handled. Time management helps me marshal my resources.
    As for traveling to a new place? Would love to, but sometimes there are obstacles to being able to take off. Another approach to the same ‘change of pace’ idea that works for me is committing a random act of kindness or two. This may not fly for you, but I continue to be amazed how my creative spring is rejuvenated when I’ve stepped out of myself and helped someone else – with no expectation or wish for a medal or ticker tape parade. I’m not bright enough to map the alchemy of it all, but if this even remotely helps, then I’ve put walk behind my talk when I thank you for your photographic additions to the Planet. My eyes are better for looking at things through your lens. Dan

    • I admit I’m bad with time management. I may try scheduling time to be social online. I think I may end up quitting one or two networks to make my life easier.

      I do like the random acts of kindness idea. Its something that popped in my head the other day. It seems like a good way to ignite your light again so to speak.

      I really appreciate your comment, Dan. Thank you πŸ™‚

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