16 comments on “Touristas

  1. The figures have become small dark and stick-like, as if they are insects responding to the heat and sun. It helps that no face is visible, depersonalising the scene. Very effective!

  2. Great shot! Thanks for posting this! I’ve been envious of photographers who have mastered the tilt shift effect and created some incredible images. I’m terrible about exploring the features of the photo apps I’ve downloaded for my iPhone. I definitely have to start experimenting more.

    • I don’t think I’ve mastered this effect, but thank you. The tilt shift effect in Snapseed makes it really easy to create. Sure, I could do a cleaner job in photoshop, but this is great for a quick and easy filter.

      Yes! Go experiment more. Theres lots of fun to be had with the iPhone.

  3. You’ve created a very interesting image here. I really stopped and enjoyed looking at it, searching the image for details. I almost thought it was a miniature with little plastic figures set out on the beach. I jumped over to Snapseed and played around with it too. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thank you Wayne. It feels great to inspire people with my photos. I’ll share another tiltshift photo today with some tips along with an easy photoshop tutorial.

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