6 comments on “App Review: Dramatic Black and White

  1. I’ll tell you something if you’re going to compare a desktop program to an app. Buy the desktop application of Dramatic Black and White, do some serious reaserch on the apps, the iPad and desktop versions of the apps. Plus when I do a black and white conversion with editing, I use a few apps or desktop programs to get it to my liking or close to an actual silver black and white print. JixiPix by far makes increduable programs for mobile editing. I’m a huge fan of their apps for both iPhone and iPad. One app can’t go it all, I would of said the app is a great start for black white editing and not compare to Silver EFX.

    • I respect your opinion, but I stand by my review. I think SEP2 is the gold standard for black and white conversion, so I compare everything else to it, be it a mobile app or desktop software. Is Dramatic BW going to be the only app you need to create stunning images? No. I agree that no app can do everything, but thats fine seeing as they’re only a buck or two.

      For the purposes of this blog, I’m only reviewing iPhone apps. I’ll leave the iPad and desktop reviews to other people. This blog is about shooting and editing solely on the iPhone. I don’t know if its still considered iPhoneography if I was to use desktop programs. Sure, if I wanted to, I could edit all of my iPhone images with photoshop and blow away what these apps are capable of doing, but wheres the challenge/fun in that.

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